Resurrection and Renewel

Last Friday, I attended the re-dedication of our eagle at Quintin Warner House.  Our eagle was initially carved in 2005 by local chainsaw artist Robbin Wenzoski and from the very quick research I did on eagles, it appears to be an appropriate symbol for the Quintin Warner House program.

In Christian art, the eagle is connected with St. John the Evangelist, the writer of the fourth gospel.  In Christian scripture, there are many references to eagles and their attributes, including its use as a metaphor for God’s provision and protection.  Because it soars upward, the eagle is a symbol of the resurrection and renewal – and the ascension of Christ.

By bringing these ideas together, the carving becomes an excellent symbol for Quintin Warner House.  It refers to God’s deliverance, an action that for each of the participants in our Quintin Warner community means reliance on someone other than yourself.

The eagle refers to resurrection and renewal.  Although this event brings confidence in today and hope for each member of our Quintin Warner community, it is something that cannot be accomplished alone.

The eagle refers to strength and courage – what each member of our Quintin Warner House community must have – first in order to come to Quintin Warner House, second to daily commitment in Quintin Warner House, and third to continue to journey after Quintin Warner House.

I cannot think of a group of men more courageous than the men enrolled in our drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.  As they face their own battles day after day, our eagle is a reminder that they have been delivered, they have resurrection and renewal, and they are strong and courageous.

As a work of art, I hope that our eagle will inspire reflection and contemplation for everyone passing by Quintin Warner House.

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