A Cold Walk Against Homelessness


London's CNOY top fundraising team: Freedom 55 Financial Freedom Walkers

London’s CNOY top fundraising team: Freedom 55 Financial Freedom Walkers

The temperature was unseasonably warm on Saturday February 24th, 2018 when over 200 people attended the Coldest Night of the Year (CNOY) Walk in support of Mission Services of London. The walk, taking place at Catholic Central High School (CCH), aims to create awareness for the challenges faced by those experiencing homelessness during a wintry Canadian night.

Mission Services of London (MSL) hosted the event for the 7th year. With over 29 teams and 50 volunteers, the event brought the community together to support our neighbours in need. Funds raised totalled over $72,000: “We are extremely grateful that we have exceeded our $65,000 goal, which will allow us to serve even more people in the community” says London Event Director,
Katerina Frattas.

London’s CNOY top fundraising team was The Freedom 55 Financial Freedom Walkers; they raised over $22,000, making them the 7th leading team out of 3,075 nationwide!

“The Coldest Night of the Year Walk truly creates a sense of community; by supporting the walk, you are helping men, women, and children in our area who may need a hand. We thank all the donors, sponsors, volunteers, staff and walkers who made this happen” Katerina says. “No matter how you get involved, whether it’s walking, volunteering, sharing posts on social media, or telling even one person about the Walk or MSL, you are making an impact. Every little bit makes a difference.Thank you again to everyone who was a part of making CNOY 2018 a great success!”

Don’t forget to save the date for next year’s CNOY Walk: Saturday, February 23rd, 2019.

Remember: it’s cold out there!

by Vincy Patel, Intern

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