A Director of Mission Services of London Shaves Head for a Cause!

It’s time. Gordon Russell, Director of the Men’s Mission & Rehabilitation Centre, is taking it all off. That is the hair of his head and his beard, everything but the eyebrows. Anyone who knows Gordon knows him with his long locks and full beard so this is a big deal.

“I’ve been thinking for some time now about cutting it off. It’s not that I have much or that I can contribute what I have to organizations that make wigs for those experiencing the affects of cancer treatment. You want to look better, not worse I would think,” says Gordon. “I just want to cut it off, raise some money and give it to cancer research or care. I have a couple of friends who have cancer right now, so it’s important.”

The clippers meet Gordon on April 1 of all days; which leads one to ask is this a “fool’s day” prank? However, he promises it isn’t. The shaving begins at 2:00pm somewhere in the environs of the Men’s Mission & Rehabilitation Centre.

“Gordon is compassionate, community minded; he is always there to help others whether at the Men’s Mission or at home with friends and family,” states Heather Rall, Director of Development & Communications, “so without hesitation we are supportive of him and his cause, not to mention that we are very excited to see Gordon without hair.”

All money raised will be donated to Wellspring London & Region, an organization that provides a wide range of supportive care programs and educational services at no charge for people living with cancer in our community.

“Vibrant community partnerships are vital to the support that charitable organizations provide. Wellspring is so grateful to Gordon and the staff of Mission Services of London for keeping Wellspring close to their heart, and head,” says Joanna Meilleur, Director of Development, Wellspring London and Region.

Mission Services of London have been a part of this community since 1951 and today are as committed to helping individuals struggling with homelessness and poverty as they were 60 years ago.


Check out the before and after:

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