A Fun & Safe Summer at Rotholme Family Shelter

Summer camp has always been a fun-filled experience for the children at Rotholme Family Shelter and this year was no different, even in the midst of a pandemic. “…it’s run a little bit different this year because of [physical distancing],” explained Katherine, Child Activity Worker at Rotholme (pictured left). Beyond physical distancing, the shelter spaces are cleaned multiple times every day, everyone is required to sanitize their hands before entering a room, and each family participates in a COVID-19 screening every day. “The health [of those staying in Rotholme] this summer has been fantastic,” said Stacey Wilson, Program Supervisor.

Even with these new safety guidelines in place, Katherine was able to create an engaging and joyful atmosphere for the children. “We have themes for the week and I plan activities for those themes. This week is science so we made slime this morning and we’re doing egg dropping experiments this afternoon,” she said gleefully. Stacey was also thrilled to see the children having lots of fun at camp this summer. “The kids were always happy and the activity room was messy so there’s always something fun going on! The kids aren’t sitting idle, they are entertained,” she noted. “Despite being more home-based than previous years, the kids at camp were very excited and happy”.

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