A Hand Up for the Future

Betty Dore, retired Executive Vice-President of the London St. Thomas Association of REALTORS (LSTAR)

Betty Dore, retired Executive Vice-President of the London St. Thomas Association of REALTORS (LSTAR)

As a retired Executive Vice-President of the London St. Thomas Association of
REALTORS ® (LSTAR), and a current volunteer with multiple local charities, Betty Doré has kept community housing close to her heart for many years. A few years ago, Betty became
President of the Mission Services of London (MSL) Foundation Board of Directors and continues to actively volunteer with MSL. Through her hands-on experience, seeing, and learning, Betty has
developed a strong and close relationship with MSL.

“Mission Services does so much for those experiencing homelessness, addiction, and those suffering from mental illness; they cover it all,” says Betty. “I believe in the community and Mission Services really helps it, she continues.

Through her volunteer work, Betty has observed that it is important to MSL to assist those most vulnerable in our area, to successfully transition back into the community with the support and encouragement they need and deserve.

Betty decided to leave a legacy with MSL through its Foundation when she discovered how much the organization does. She truly appreciates everything MSL offers to families and individuals struggling to achieve a different life. For Betty, leaving a legacy means giving MSL the ability to continue extending a hand up (not a hand out) to men, women, and children in need for years to come. “MSL helps those in the community to stand on their own two feet, long term,” she shares.

Not only will bequeathing funds to MSL through her Will positively impact her community, but Betty also found out that it will benefit her loved ones through tax advantages for her Estate: “I realized that I could make a personally meaningful gift to a charity that I deeply care about, and at the same time help my family. Why wouldn’t I do this?”

“I encourage anybody who wishes to have a lasting impact on the fabric of our community through charity, to look up legacy giving; discuss it with your financial advisor, your lawyer, your accountant,”
says Ericka Ayala Ronson,Director of Development & Communications at Mission Services of London.

“Each circumstance is unique; there are many ways to leave a legacy and consulting with your financial professionals is an important step. Give one of our Senior Development Officers a call; they will be happy to provide more information about the different ways in which you could leave a legacy. The information may help you to start the discussion with your financial advisor.”

It is thanks to generous, supportive, and kind-hearted people that Mission Services of London can continue doing what it does to assist neighbours in need.

Thank you Betty Doré , and thank you to all who have decided to leave a legacy for the future. For more information about legacy giving please follow the link and click the “Estate Giving” tab, or to share your plans to leave the MSL Foundation in your Will, contact:

Mary Brown
519-433-2807 ext. 2113

Carole Metron
519-433-2807 ext. 2133

by Denika Marion, Intern

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