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  • 4,142 unique clients accessed the Emergency Voucher Program in 2016-17.

  • 6,852 accommodated stays in Crashbed Program 2016-17.

  • 31,355+ volunteer hours donated in 2016-17.

  • Five branches devote to 100% hope…more than a shelter.

  • 204,375 nutritious meals served in 2016-17.

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THE MEN’S MISSION kitchen is a busy place. Thanks to the hard working staff and several volunteers, they serve approximately 150 people three meals per day plus snacks. That is a lot of food, and a lot of dishes.

We would like to thank three donors for providing dignity to clients through an upgraded kitchen renovation: General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada (GDLS-C), Westminster College Foundation and an anonymous donor. The upgrades included an expanded and reorganized storage room, a sorting table and upright freezers.

Kitchen Renovation“This style of freezer is easy to use and easy to clean. We now have the freezer and storage space to accept more donations and to rotate food properly for better efficiency,” said Food Services Manager Debrann pictured second from left with Gordon (Director of Shelters) at left, and Emily and Doug from GDLS-C.

Donations in kind from our community are vital in helping to deliver nutritious meals to our clients; sometimes a meal at the Men’s Mission is the only food a client will have in a day. When food donations arrive, they need somewhere to go that is accessible and follows safe food handling guidelines. Having ample, properly climate-controlled, clean storage space helps extend the shelf-life of our donations, making them stretch further for longer use and less waste.


MM FreezersThe Men’s Mission kitchen is a busy place…believe us. Thanks to hard-working staff and volunteers, they serve approximately 150 people three meals per day. That is a lot of dishes. Providing food is often the first way we connect with clients, which can lead to other services. Even when it does not, it is part of our mission to respond to this basic need – food nutrition is important for everyone.

The kitchen is sometimes like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get in terms of donations. When food donations arrive, they need somewhere to go that is accessble and follows safe food handling guidelines.

We would like to thank the Westminster College Foundation for a grant to purchase new, commercial, upright freezers for the Men’s Mission kitchen.

“This style of freezer is easy to use and easy to clean. We now have the freezer space to accept more donations and to rotate food properly for maximum efficiency,” said our Food Services Manager. 

Because of this upgrade, we are better able to “actively respond to people experiencing need and affirm human dignity.” We are most grateful.



April 2, 2016FOR 21 YEARS Londoners have continued to show strong support for the Scan Away Hunger™ Campaign held each fall. Our 2015 campaign underscored this community responsiveness.

Campaign overseer Irma Haggith-Fonseca says that proceeds totalled more than $107,000 for 2015. “We are extremely grateful that for two years consecutively we exceeded our $100,000 goal, which was increased in 2014.”

“Londoners truly connect with this campaign at the grocery store level,” says Haggith-Fonseca. “When someone agrees to add $3.11 (or multiples) to their bill it means a lot. It contributes to the basic cost of a meal. Perhaps more than that, it provides the opportunity for hope. With food costs on the rise, this campaign continues to be important. We thank all contributors and the 17 stores in London who helped make this happen in 2015.”

The results were revealed publically to an enthusiastic crowd on Saturday, April 2, 2016 during the London Lightning game at Budweiser Gardens. It was a fitting bookend to the kick-off where Lightning players participated. 

Mission Services of London Board President Allen Page (below, second from right) offered thanks and reiterated that proceeds support clients through our branches right here in London.



IBM GrantThank you IBM Canada for supporting Mission Services of London (MSL) with a
Technology Roadmap Grant in 2015. From left: Keith Vincent (MSL Board
Member); Peter Rozeluk (ED, MSL); John Kennedy (IBM Representative), Gordon Russell, (Director of Shelters, MSL); Ross Rosier (IBM Representative).


Bread Blitz Sept. 2015WE ARE GRATEFUL for the support of many clubs in our community who hold events and fundraisers on our behalf. One such group is the London-Middlesex Civitan Club, who celebrated their 40th anniversary in June 2015. Civitan International is an organization of volunteer service clubs around the world dedicated to helping people in their own communities, wherever and however needs arise. ?

Over the years, our local Civitans have put forth amazing efforts, including the “stuff the bus” food drive to support our branches. More recently they have evolved their contribution into the Bread Blitz, held for the past two years. Through their own initiative, they brought together various partners for the event held on September 12, 2015.

They collected 500 loaves of bread – white and whole wheat – from Weston Bakeries in Kitchener and brought them to the Home Hardware store on Dundas Street East in London. There they set up a tent, a table and a donation box for an amount decided by the individual. Every donor received a loaf of bread, although some donors preferred to also donate the bread they could have taken. ?

The monetary donations will contribute to daily needs at Rotholme Women’s & Family Shelter. The remaining loaves of bread were sent to our Men’s Mission branch to be frozen and used by their kitchen, as well as for food services at Quintin Warner House and Rotholme. A little bread can go a long way. Thank you to all who supported this community effort.


RotholmeRotary 011cropSINCE 1915, THE Rotary Club of London (often known as the “Downtown Club”) has been an integral part of the fabric of our community, devoting time, talent and treasure to the betterment of our city and the world at large. Members of this service club have lived their philosophy of “service above self” and have  been the change they wanted to see in the world.

Rotarians celebrated the Club’s 100th Anniversary in true Rotary fashion. They pledged $100,000 among 10 local and international Anniversary Projects. The renovation of Rotholme Women’s & Family Shelter’s Activity Room was one of them.

As a multi-purpose room, Rotholme’s Activity Room morphs constantly to serve as play room, staff training room, medical examination room and now, thanks to the generosity of the Rotary Club of London, and Bud and Gwen Gowan, also as a computer lab.

The lab allows clients computer and Internet access in an inviting space, which makes it easier to search for jobs, look for permanent housing, strengthen digital literacy skills, access information in a client’s native language, and complete homework assignments for school-aged children. It also helps clients stay connected with supportive family and friends who may not be local, but who play an important role in combatting feelings of isolation or despair, as clients journey towards a fresh start.

“We are blessed to count friends like Gwen and [the late] Bud Gowan, and the Rotary Club of London among our family of supporters and partners,” says Ericka Ayala Ronson, Director of Fundraising/Development at Mission Services of London. “Rotholme is a more welcoming place that can better assist clients in times of crisis because of their generosity.”


Silver KingThe Forever Legacy Foundation located in Port Stanley, Ontario is a charitable organization that is managed by unpaid volunteers with a focus on the welfare of others. Chartered in 2001, they offer a low cost alternative for donors to establish perpetual endowment funds designated to Canadian charities of their choice.

Mission Services of London is grateful to have received grants from The Forever Legacy Foundation in 2003, 2005 and from 2010 to 2014, all benefiting Rotholme Women’s & Family Shelter. Impressive returns led to a more substantial grant of $40,000 in 2014, which was put towards three priorities.

First, $5,000 was used to purchase a Refrigerated Display Case to replace a 20 year old one. This appliance allows food to stay at a constant cool temperature, which complies with Safe Food Handling practices, and is also insulated with environmentally friendly materials. In a small way, it provides independence and dignity to families who are able to choose their own dessert or fruit from the case.  

Second, $10,000 was used to purchase and install four barrier free push pad operators to provide some clients with more independence in the building, and move Rotholme closer to compliance with Handicap Accessibility Standards.

Third, the remaining $25,000 was put towards highest priority needs including food, clothing, supplies as well as items required for the relocation of families as they transition to housing.


CNOY2015 We are grateful to all of the walk teams that participate in our annual Coldest Night of the Year winter walk, including the Freedom 55 Financial team co-captained by Paul Gowan. The members of this team raised pledges that were then matched, dollar for dollar, by Freedom 55. We are grateful for this Matching Gift that provides double the impact each year that they participate.

“This is an ideal opportunity to actively participate in loving our city. Every year we bundle up and have a great time. I’m very grateful for those who walk on our team and for the generosity of our supporters!” says Gowan. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves Paul!



OUR FAMILY SHELTER, Rotholme Women’s & Family Shelter assists families of all shapes and sizes by providing emergency shelter, support and housing assistance in a caring and safe environment. Every August we hold a “Back to School Campaign” for supplies needed by school age children who stay at Rotholme not just in September, but all year round.  It’s important to do this and we’re glad to say we can thanks to our donors.

We enlisted the help of the Country 104 FM Summer Cruiser to pick up donation items. We asked, and our community responded with abundant generosity. “We don’t know exactly where it all came from, but we’re grateful for it,” says Caseworker Mariana Karatzas. Donations included many expected items such as back packs, lunch bags, notebooks, binders, paper, pencil cases and several items to fill them with.

Food1smallAs well, numerous snack items were donated by a teacher. “She knows how important healthy school lunches are. Given that Rotholme had over 20 children returning to school September second, she and her family wanted to ensure that our parent clients had enough snacks to fill lunch bags for a month at least,” says Karatzas. 




THERE ARE MAGAZINES and TV shows dedicated to renovations, showing beautiful “after” photos and delighted looks on people’s faces upon completion of projects. A popular project is the bathroom/washroom. Although some are elaborate, they don’t have to be. It’s a basic human need after all.

At the Men’s Mission & Rehabilitation Centre, the east wing washroom has been used for decades by thousands of clients. The original fixtures have served their purpose, but were more than a little worn. With funds from two generous donors, the washroom was redone completely in spring 2014 – new toilets, dividers, window, mirrors, sinks, fixtures and countertop.

We were successful in our application to Westminster College Foundation as a first-time grant recipient. It was our pleasure to show the completed project to Executive Director, Gloria Rolfe, on April 9, 2014.

The project was also made possible through funding by an individual, private donor who has supported Mission Services in the past and agreed to help with this much needed renovation.

Clients will say often, “We love the new washroom!” Housekeeping staff are equally thrilled – they can make it sparkle even more. All around, there is pride of ownership. Thank you to our two donors! You made this possible.

Washroom Sink

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