Fast Facts

  • Five branches devote to 100% hope…more than a shelter.

  • 6,852 accommodated stays in Crashbed Program 2016-17.

  • 4,142 unique clients accessed the Emergency Voucher Program in 2016-17.

  • 31,355+ volunteer hours donated in 2016-17.

  • 204,375 nutritious meals served in 2016-17.

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Who We Are

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Whether it’s providing emergency shelter for an individual or family, or caring for those with mental health needs, Mission Services of London is there with a message of hope through faith. We are a Christian faith-based social service agency with a focus on serving those who struggle with poverty and homelessness; men, women and children. We provide food, shelter, clothing, crisis intervention and rehabilitation.

Mission Services of London opened its doors in January 1951 when fourteen Mennonite families purchased and renovated a home at 536 Talbot Street to be a mission providing shelter, food and care for homeless men.

Since that time, Mission Services of London has helped thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds. Today we operates two emergency shelters, an addiction treatment program, a thrift store/outreach program and Community Mental Health programs for consumers/survivors of the mental health system. Many men and women tell how their lives have been changed significantly as a result of the love, care and respect they received from our agency during difficult periods of their lives. A little help can make a great deal of difference.

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Motivated by our love for God and for others, and moved by compassion: 

Our Vision
That all people are accepted, valued, and can thrive in a caring community.

Our Mission
We actively respond to people experiencing need, affirm human dignity and inspire hope.

Our values are grounded in faith: Compassion, Hope, Integrity, Diligence

What We Believe 

Mission Services of London is grounded in the Christian faith tradition and belief system.  It is the foundation of who we are as an organization.  Our core beliefs are rooted in God the trinity, as expressed in historic Christian doctrine.  They are centered in Jesus Christ as the living Word of God and His message found in scripture.

Although many different spiritual beliefs and Christian denominations are represented within the corporation’s membership, directors, staff, students, volunteers and clients, Mission Services of London itself is not directly affiliated with any particular Christian denomination or group. We welcome clients from all faith backgrounds without any discrimination or prejudice. There is no imposing of the Christian faith on clients and staff. 


About Us

Mission Services of London opens doors of hope with compassion for those seeking emergency shelter and support, by offering safe shelter, food, clothing and rehabilitation.

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