An Easter Message from Executive Director

Christ Is Risen!

There is a gospel story that describes two travelers on their way from Jerusalem to another town called Emmaus. They are discussing the events that just occurred in Jerusalem, namely the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and trying to make sense of it all, and trying to understand what it all meant.  The person they may have thought who was going to finally remove the yoke of oppression from the nation of Israel had just gone down in flames and in spectacular fashion.  Suddenly Jesus is there walking beside them.  All the answers they may have been looking for are right there, but they cannot see it.

Forty days of Lent may just have ended, but our journey does not end at the Resurrection.  One could argue that the Resurrection is not the event that marks the end of anything.  In fact, one could call the Resurrection a continuing dynamic activity.

Just like the travelers on the road to Emmaus, sometimes we talk too much and sometimes we can’t see what’s in front of us.  But the promise from the story is that no matter what is happening around us, we are not alone.  Jesus Christ is always our companion on the way.



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