Begin a Legacy

There are many other ways in which you can give to charities that are meaningful to you and create lasting impact in your community. While giving money using cash, cheque, or a credit card is a popular way to give a gift to your community, another method is legacy giving.

What is Legacy Giving?

Legacy giving are gifts for the future. Legacy gifts are often made by naming the Mission Services of London Foundation as a full or partial beneficiary of your estate in your will, as a beneficiary of a gift annuity or remainder trust, as a beneficiary of an RRSP or RRIF, as an owner and/or beneficiary of a life insurance policy, or gifting securities through your estate to the Foundation which allows more of the estate to go to your beneficiaries since this helps reduce taxes in the year of death.

For more information, about Estate Giving and other ways to donate, click here.


Doreen was eager to get involved with Mission Services of London again in 2005 after taking a break after finishing volunteering with a branch about five decades ago. First, she volunteered in our administrative office doing database updates for donors, and then she began providing tours, and volunteering at Mission Store on cash and with our Voucher Program.

“Being part of Mission Services of London fits with who I am,” says Doreen. “I was raised on a farm just north of London, not far from the founding members. I remember coming to the same open market that inspired the Roth’s to help feed the hungry.” A few years ago while updating her Will, Doreen wrote in a legacy gift for Mission Services of London. “My mother set an example by giving to a cause she believed in. I’ve put time and energy into volunteering here over the years. A legacy gift means my work can continue. It’s the right thing for me.”


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