Bike Week at Mission Services of London

Mission Services of London hosted a bike week from September 18 – September 23! All staff and volunteers were encouraged to ride their bikes to work (or use any other mode of non-gas-powered transportation).

For the staff and volunteers unable to bike to their work location due to living out of town, they were encouraged to take recreational bike rides in their neighbourhood.

Here are some testimonials from staff and volunteers who participated:

“Biking to me is a no-brainer:

I try to stay active but some days I am stuck behind my computer for hours at a time working on a project. Biking to work gives me enough movement to keep me focused without getting restless, and biking home feels like leaving work at work so I can enjoy my time at home more!

  • I often find driving can be stressful, but biking is often the opposite! I have almost entirely avoided road construction this summer by biking.
  • Biking brings people together. People that do bike like to talk about it, and I find others have stories about biking that they love to tell!
  • I like to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Biking is not only good for the environment it is good for your body as well.
  • I can go over a month without having to fill my gas tank, and maintenance on a bike is cheaper than on a vehicle.”

“I like biking because it lets you discover a city you know in a whole new way. Adventure! Zoom zoom!”

“Biking satisfies my physical fitness and spiritual requirements by allowing me to commune with God’s general revelation through His creation. While both physical and spiritual exercise have their advantages, spiritual exercise delivers the greater reward of everlasting life (1 Timothy 4:8).”

“The benefits of biking to work can differ from person to person, I experience increased health, weight loss, improved joint function, financial savings, and positive environmental awareness. It just feels good.”

“I personally love biking to work because I get to take great pictures along the way, soak up the fresh air, arrive to work with a clear mind and feeling energized, go faster than I would commuting in a car, have lower insurance premiums, and am causing no emissions!”

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