Cargill Employees Dig Deep

Several years ago, Madalena Madruga, an employee of Cargill in London, saw a television program which compelled her to get involved.  “I saw a long table filled with people who had nowhere else to go,” says Madruga.  “All those people were eating meals supplied by charity.”  In that moment, she began to consider her comfortable home and the gratitude she felt for the life she was living.  “I just had to get involved,” she recalls. “It’s not right that my fridge is full yet some are hungry.”

Madruga decided to approach her coworkers in an effort to bring about change.   Her fellow employees at Cargill were quick to respond and began filling the basket with donations for Mission Services of London.

“It really is wonderful to have such good people here at Cargill,” says General Manager Willard McCloud.  “Madalena is a true champion.”

Mission Services of London extends an outpouring of gratitude from all those who will benefit from this generous donation.

The true gift of Christmas, is the gift of giving.

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