Christmas, The Birth of Hope!, by Kola-Poems

He looked was homeless in a weathered stall,

Moving from villages to villages.

He seemed was hapless in his celestial scroll,

Roving rugged hills and mountains.


He looked at the night’s twinkling stars,

Sometimes under the falling snow crystals.

A few steps away in the arid drawn to closer,

To the lofty dreams and goals, he keener.


Robbin says, every night, I lay to sleep in sweet dreams,

Then I wake seeing sad and frowning faces.

Arriving in an island of nowhere,

Gripping, unsettling space of isolation.


Far away friends and member families,

Aboding in a shelter of care and grace.

Building fortitude, hope and strength, I know,

When my story is re-written in stars.


I am in an island of transformation,

Just like to retreat to ruminate and incubate.

Of the raging dark storm and cannon,

Bloom into a beautiful amber of discovery.


In the green thought of my mind, dusk, and day,

I will see a change when the sky is clear.

And my tears will fade and away it’ll glade,

Like the glory of Christmas, the birth of hope!


The dream of greatness is what I hold,

I will daringly try and seek of me will be told.

In the world of my tomorrow,

The golden dreams I wouldn’t allow to die.


(All names in this poem are fictitious. No identification with actual person is intended or should be inferred.)

Kola-Poems is a resident of Men’s Mission. You can support his
poetry by contacting him at

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