Community Mental Health Programs (CMHP) & COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed social interactions and how many of us work, and CMHP is no exception. The Resource Centre has temporarily closed and our Streetscape and TCM programs have undergone changes in the way services are provided. Care and support for individuals have moved from personal contact and interaction to “virtual” contact through technological marvels such as cell phones, iPads, computers, texts and Skype.

Surprisingly, CMHP is busier than ever as it continues to receive referrals, maintain connections with existing clients, and provide on-site support at other Mission Services of London branches. Delivery of services has changed – delivery with diligence has not.

Anxiety and uncertainty appear to be increasing among the individuals we serve. Former clients are calling Streetscape staff for guidance and help in navigating the system, which seemingly changes daily. They call because they are experiencing difficulty getting answers or information or simply reaching someone because business/agencies have closed.

For a light-hearted perspective of today’s CMHP, close your eyes and recall Elmer Bernstein’s iconic Ghostbusters score with rich horns, bouncy piano melodies and the eerie ondes martenot sound… “If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call?”

Our value of diligence is based on certain behaviours reflected by these phrases: remaining alert and observant…; staying the course and persevering…; advocating for those who can’t; being focused, clear and intentional…; exerting constant & earnest effort to accomplish all that we take on. And picking up the phone when people call.

To quote our Communications & PR Coordinator, Amy Bumbacco, “While we don’t have control over the virus, we do have control to do everything we can to keep a vulnerable population safe, while remaining present, supportive, and hopeful… this has been an opportunity to remain grounded in our values, especially diligence, and that’s something we should be proud of!” Truer words could not be said of our CMHP staff.

Mission Services of London, Community Mental Health Program – diligently serving, connecting, and re-connecting – loving God, loving others.

Photo of Mission Services of London's Executive Director, Peter Rozeluk

Written by

Peter Rozeluk
Executive Director
Mission Services of London

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