Mission Services of London Foundation

Make your blessings of today count tomorrow. With your help, we will continue to walk alongside neighbours in need as they journey towards a different future.

The Mission Services of London Foundation (MSLF) was incorporated in 2000 to help steward non-government grants and donations, and to fund the vital services that Mission Services of London provides in our community.

The Foundation’s main mandate is to grow and steward Legacy Gifts that generous donors commit to the work of Mission Services of London through their Estate plans. Examples include bequests, insurance policies, RRSP’s and RRIF’s, gifts of securities, term endowments and more. There are many ways in which your generosity can make ripples into the future and most do not require an outlay of cash today.

For further information about the tax benefits of Legacy (Estate) Giving, please speak with your personal financial advisor, lawyer or accountant, or contact Mary Brown, Senior Development Officer at 519-433-2807. Visit the Estate Giving page for more details.

Mission Services of London Foundation Board Members:

  • Wayne Gray
  • Paul Pickering
  • Peter Bell