Donor Blessings

DonorCardLast week we had a personal visit at our head office from one of our many donors. Although this is not uncommon, it was a wintery day–not that easy for travelling in any mode. This particular gentleman walked in the snow with a cane. It was clear that it was a bit of an effort, but he was determined. He came in that day to meet the person who hand-signed the Christmas card to him because he was happy to receive it. Also, he wanted to deliver his Christmas card to Mission Services of London directly.

In addition to his card, the envelope contained a voided cheque and a note authorizing automatic withdrawals of a specified amount per month for 2014. He wanted to let us know that supporting our clients is something that brings him great pleasure. We hear this comment quite often and certainly never get tired of it! It’s a blessing for our clients. And it’s a blessing for us as well when we receive encouraging words from donors.

Thank you to all of our donors, supporters and friends. Merry Christmas to you and yours from Mission Services of London.

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