Fall Banquet & Silent Auction

Elizabeth Manley participated in two Olympic Games (where she won the 1988 silver medal and became the Olympic freestyle champion), six World Championships, and won three National Titles. At the time, not many knew her personal struggles with depression, or the obstacles she had to overcome to reach her dream. At the November 2017 Fall Banquet & Silent Auction, she spoke out about her struggles, the stigma of mental illness, and helping others.

With the help of more than 400 guests, sponsors, partners and volunteers, the event raised more than $126,000 toward the Crashbed Program within the Community Mental Health Programs (CMHP) branch of Mission Services of London. This branch offers support services to those who are experiencing (or are at risk of) homelessness, and who also have a mental illness or addiction. Services include (among others): advocacy, crisis services, access to laundry facilities and showers, safe day space and last resort beds (“Crashbeds” for short). For those who cannot or will not access regular shelter beds, the “Crashbeds” are a last resort alternative to sleeping out on the street. Hundreds of neighbours in need access these 20 beds (11 for men  and nine for women) throughout the year. Without this option, many in our city would be at risk of hypothermia in the winter and other dangers in the warmer months. Learn more about the Crashbed Program by watching this short video:

The Last Resort: Watch Video

Watch: The Last Resort

We thank everyone who helped make this such a special evening with such wonderful impact! Hear our Executive Director’s and Elizabeth Manley’s message to each of you here:

Thank-you from Elizabeth Manley

Watch: Thank-you From Elizabeth Manley

Thank-you: Peter Rozeluk

Watch: Thank-you from Peter Rozeluk, MIssion Services of London Executive Director

Save the date for the 2018 Fall Banquet & Silent Auction: November 15, 2018
at the London Convention Centre.

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