Great News for London Homeless Memorial

Every year, the London Homeless Coalition hosts the Spring Soup ‘n Bread event at Market Square.  The purpose of the event is to raise awareness about the impact poverty, homelessness and the lack of affordable housing have on our community. 

This year, the annual event fell on April 26, beginning at noon.  Dr. Abe Oudshoorn, however, Chair of the LHC, added a special announcement to the mix.


Oudshoorn stepped to the podium holding a gigantic cheque.  His announcement, that the London Homeless Memorial had successfully raised the funds needed to proceed, drew cheers from the crowd. The reality: countless homeless individuals with no next of kin are buried with no funeral service and no grave marker.  There is no place for loved ones to linger, to pray, to remember and to mourn.  The solution: a memorial which will not only provide a gathering place for events and ceremonies focused on poverty and homelessness, it will also serve as a reminder that we are a caring community who supports all our members with respect, dignity and pride. 

Londoners have shown their support for this project in the form of donations, social media interactions and press.  Mission Services of London was proud and honoured to donate to this important project.  Executive Director Peter Rozeluk was on hand to lend his support and proudly hold that giant cheque which represents this tremendous success. “London is a city full of people who care for the less fortunate and I am overwhelmed by their generosity in donating to this project.”  says Oudshoorn.




The Coalition plans to break ground in the spring of 2013 with an official dedication ceremony on World Homelessness Action Day in October of that same year.

The London Homeless Coalition exists to advise, shape and coordinate community responses to homelessness, and related needs to the London area.

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