Help Rotholme Kids Go Back to School In Style

Each year, it seems as if we’ve just settled into the rhythm of summer when it’s time to think about heading back to school again. With Labour Day looming over our heads, we venture back into the malls and discount stores, frantically checking off everything on our Back to School list.  As parents know all too well, that list can be a very long one:  indoor shoes, outdoor shoes, new pants and shirts to fit miraculously growing bodies, backpacks, lunch kits,  pencil crayons and more.

For families struggling to make ends meet or for those residing in shelter, the thought of getting children ready for school can be extremely stressful.  “Even something as simple as backpacks and lunch boxes can be expensive,” says Elizabeth M., a public school teacher and mother of one.  “Older kids need calculators and math sets, plus all kids are encouraged to bring healthy, nutritious meals in reusable containers.  That can really add up.”  

Rotholme Women’s & Family Shelter provides shelter and crisis support to families with children.  As another school year is about to begin, we’re working together to make sure each and every child goes Back to School In Style.  Please consider donating new school supplies to the children living at Rotholme and help make a difference in providing a fresh start to a school aged child.


 We welcome donations from the list of items below:

Lunch Boxes
Juice Boxes
Peanut Free Granola Bars
Math Sets
Pencil Cases
Pencil Sharpeners
Pencil Crayons

For information on how you can help, call 519 433 2807

To learn more about Rotholme Women’s & Family Shelter click HERE

*names have been changed to protect identity*



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