Interview with Lisa Misselbrook, Director of Mental Health & Addiction Programs

A 23-Year Commitment to Supporting Mental Health & Addiction

Lisa Misselbrook, Director of Mental Health & Addiction Programs

Originally starting with Mission Services of London 23 years ago as an Addiction Counsellor, Lisa Misselbrook is now the Director of Mental Health and Addiction (CMHP and Quintin Warner House).

Lisa Misselbrook, Director of Mental Health & Addiction Programs

What is the most impactful part of CMHP and Quintin Warner House?
“For both programs, we are working with people who are vulnerable and in need of help. Often, participants don’t know how they’re going to get out of the situation they’re in. Our teams provide wrap-around support and connections that really make a difference in people’s lives. I recently had one of my past participants from 17 years ago call me to reconnect. That’s the kind of impact you can make in someone’s journey.”

What is your philosophy of care?
“Our priority is making connections and building trust with our participants. Building trust starts with being kind and compassionate to help each participant feel safe and secure. We work on developing relationships and rapport as we get to know their needs and goals. Each person deserves an individualized service to help meet their self-identified goals. We help identify resources and connect participants with a support team.”

What’s changed regarding mental health and addiction in 23 years?
“Over the years, the addiction field has evolved. We have a better understanding of the role neuroscience plays in addiction and mental health, and how trauma impacts a person’s journey. We also have more resources and multidisciplinary teams that we can refer people to when trying to address the complex issues that we see. Mental health and addiction are treated co-currently as a best practice of care.”

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