It’s easy to Scan Away Hunger!

1. Where can I Scan Away Hunger? Look for the Scan Away Hunger campaign signs at these participating stores: Freshco, Giant Tiger, Metro, Sobeys, Sunripe, Valumart and Remark.

2. How do I Scan Away Hunger? Simply add $3.11 or multiples thereof to your grocery bill to donate the cost of one or more meals for Mission Services to help those in need. You can donate to Scan Away Hunger as many times as you like until Dec. 31st.

3. How do I get one of those cool Scan Away Hunger bags? Each participating store has an allotment of bags to give to donors until bags run out.

4. Can I obtain a tax receipt? Yes! Simply contact our head office at 519-433-2807 ext. 106 for more information.

See our Scan Away Hunger page for more information.



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