Let’s Celebrate Together

I finished my January website comments with the sentence – “Celebrate with us throughout the year!”. And in our Christmas newsletter I made reference to singing. Since that time, these two thoughts have intertwined in Spocklike fashion in a mind meld, resulting in a song that I can’t get out of my mind. You may have heard it. The 1980s hit “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang. It reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on February 7, 1981 and held that position until February 20, 1981; then dominated the radio for nearly the entire year, and is still heard today at weddings and parties.

What an exuberant song! As I think about reasons for Mission Services of London to celebrate with our community two things come to mind. The first is the completion of our Warm Hands Warm Hearts service project for the 15th year. We were able to supply mittens, toques, scarves and socks for children in 15 elementary schools in the Thames Valley District School Board and 2 elementary schools in the London & District Separate School Board from October to February. It is interesting to me that 9 of the schools that were on our list when we started in 1995 continue to be on our list.

The second is our Voucher program operated through our store where during the last 10 months we have provided clothing and household articles to over 8,000 people referred to us by over 60 different agencies in the City of London.

And as I think about reasons for our community to celebrate with Mission Services of London, 16 things come to mind. Hundreds of employees in 16 companies have partnered with us. They have become our neighbours. So I want to thank them, and invite them to continue celebrating with us throughout this year. Our celebration is set to last throughout the year, so bring your good times and laughter, and celebrate with us. A huge THANK YOU to the following employee groups:

  • Bank of Montreal – Employee Charitable Foundation;
  • Bell Canada Employee Giving Program;
  • Cargill Meats Canada ECCO;
  • Chorley & Bissett Ltd. ECCO;
  • City Hall Charities Chest Committee;
  • Dillon Consulting Limited;
  • Forest City Fire Protection ECCO;
  • General Dynamics ECCO;
  • Group Retirement Services Staff;
  • King’s University College Staff Association;
  • London Hydro Employee Charity Chest;
  • London Kellogg ECCO;
  • LTC-ATU 741 ECCO Fund; 
  • McCormick Canada Employees Charity Day Committee; 
  • McFarlan Rowlands Staff Gift Fund;
  • PBL Insurance (London) Staff Fund;
  • St. George’s ACW; and
  • 3M Canada Company ECCO.

Peter Rozeluk, Executive Director

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