Lighting Up the Night: Scan Away Hunger Campaign Scores

Scan Away Results April 2, 2016For 21 years Londoners have continued to show strong support for the Scan Away Hunger™ Campaign held each fall. Our 2015 campaign underscored community responsiveness.

Campaign overseer Irma Haggith-Fonseca revealed that proceeds totalled more than $107,000 for 2015. “We are extremely grateful that for two years consecutively we exceeded our $100,000 goal, which was increased in 2014. We thank all 17 partner stores and donors.” The announcement was made to an enthusiastic crowd on Saturday, April 2, 2016 during the London Lightning game at Budweiser Gardens. 

Allen PageMission Services of London Board President Allen Page said a few words, reiterating that proceeds support clients through our branches.


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