Mission Services of London unveils new addiction treatment facility in London

London, ON – Mission Services of London will unveil its newly-renovated Quintin Warner House on Friday, June 2. The new space, now located at 457 York Street, will provide a better facility to support programming with a total of 20 treatment beds and other upgrades to serve men struggling with addiction and trauma histories.

“We are thrilled to open Quintin Warner House in its new location,” said Ericka Ayala Ronson, Executive Director of Mission Services of London. “This program expansion and renovated space are vital, as we strive to serve more men who need support with addiction recovery and treatment,” she added.

The new facility is a more conducive space to have 20 live-in participants as each man will have his own room while in treatment, as well as offer additional meeting rooms to accommodate program elements such as group therapies and individual activities like journaling. The new location also provides more office space as a larger number of program participants also requires additional staffing.

Quintin Warner House received $584,000 over two years under the Ontario government’s $90 million Addiction Recovery Fund to support the treatment bed expansion. Private donations funded the capital expansion.

Quintin Warner House is a four-month, live-in addiction treatment program offered to men over the age of 18 years. It is a supportive place where men can work to overcome addictions and address issues such as anger and trauma histories. While in the program, men engage in group therapy sessions, life skills counselling, and coaching on community integration. Other aspects of healthy living are promoted in sessions dealing with assertiveness, goal setting, spiritual awareness, and recreational activity.

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