Shining Moment for Music

STORE_TSC 022sm2Country Music Week was held in London for the first time ever, running from September 8th to 11th. Although the festivies are over, there is one thing that won’t be forgotton about easily by Mission Services of London.

The duo TwoShine County from Calagary, Alberta, made up of Daron Schofield and Dennis Hann, were in town as finalists for the Canadian Country Music Assocation (CCMA) Discovery Program. In between meeting and playing for industry representatives, Daron and Dennis found an hour to visit the Men’s Mission on Sept. 9th. It was the second time they’ve done something like this, having visited a shelter last year in Halfax, the 2015 host city for the CCMAs.

Our food services staff arranged a BBQ for both clients and staff to enjoy outside, serving lunch to more than 180 people. Thanks to an accessory borrowed last minute from John Bellone’s Music across the street, we were ready to add the music. The harvest sun of early fall shined down, mixing with the accoustic sounds. The two harmonized voices sang songs both heartfelt and playful. People sat on the lawn and simply enjoyed the gift that Daron and Dennis were sharing.

Executive Director Peter Rozeluk reflected on the meaning of this act of kindess.  “The concert was a way to include our clients in the CCMAs. It brought music to them in a neighbourly way and it helped build community.”

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