Ambition, Perseverance, and Grandchildren

Rotholme Family Shelter James’ Story: In 2020, after moving their granddaughter into their home, James and his wife received worrying news: “We lived in our home for 10 years until our granddaughter moved in, and shortly after, we received an eviction notice from our landlord,” James shared. With their move-out date approaching, the increasing rental

Saying “Thank You”

A Generous Contribution to the Men’s Mission: 1st CAV Ortona Motorcycle Unit Cheques were presented to the Men’s Mission from 1st CAV Ortona Motorcycle Unit from their annual Veterans Appreciation Ride. (The ride takes place every year on the second Saturday in May).   Making Summer Camp Possible for the Children at Rotholme Summer camp

Welcoming our Chaplain, Harry Soedarmasto

Welcome, Harry Soedarmasto At the last Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors introduced Mission Services of London’s latest Strategic Plan. Within that plan, MSL made the commitment to ‘refine our core identity and celebrate the faith-based values that inform the work of Mission Services of London’. In November 2022, Mission Services of London hired

Special Acknowledgements

Wes Suchard: Mission Services of London would like to recognize Wes Suchard for his seven decades of service to Mission Services of London. Wes has been volunteering in a variety of capacities from being an integral part of the 1988 and 2002-2003 capital campaigns to expand/renovate Men’s Mission to founding the Mission Services of London

Sydney and Chase Brown’s Stay at Rotholme Family Shelter

Mission Services of London had the pleasure of being part of Sydney and Chase Brown’s documentary produced by The Sports Network (TSN). Their mother, Raechel Brown, visited Rotholme Family Shelter and recounted the challenges she and her family faced while providing for her family. Sydney and Chase were born two minutes apart on March 21,

Quintin Warner House – A New Chapter

As the weather turns to spring, a season of new beginnings, Quintin Warner House (QWH) turns the page to a new chapter in its history. With a long tradition of service at the intersection of health and homelessness (via addiction treatment for men), QWH continues to position itself to meet need at the point of

Ten Things to Know about Ericka

In October 2022, Ericka Ayala Ronson assumed the role of Executive Director at Mission Services of London. Working previously as Director for Development and Communications, she hopes to create meaningful impact leading the organization and expand its reach in helping our neighbours in the community. We had the opportunity to get to know Ericka with

Handling Change with Hope and Faith

“There was a time when I hit rock bottom. There was so much uncertainty in my life and it turned upside down – I lost my marriage, business, my house, and everything was falling apart. I was couch-surfing, and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen and I just wanted to run away,” Phil

Warm Hands – Warm Hearts

Every year through our Warm Hands – Warm Hearts outreach program, we provide clothing to keep local children warm during London’s coldest months. With your donation, we are able to support more than 50 schools throughout London. Your gift today will give hats, socks, waterproof mittens and gloves, underwear, neck warmers and more to local

A Summer of Growth

“When I first started working, I was nervous to whether or not the children were going to like me as one of their camp counselors, and whether or not they were going to have fun each and every day,” says Janine, one of two Child Activity Workers who led summer camp at Rotholme Family Shelter