Brian’s Story

“My family didn’t want anything to do with me. They kicked me out of their lives, as good of people as they are. It was the greatest thing they could do for me and themselves”. Looking back, Brian understands the boundaries his family built throughout his drug use. “I was out of control. I had

Mission Store Warming Hands and Hearts this Winter

Since 1995, the Mission Store has been running the Warm Hands – Warm Hearts Outreach Program for children in need in the London area. This is a program that runs in partnership with more than 30 elementary schools in London, both in the London District Catholic and Thames Valley District School Boards. Between the months

Living a New Life of Hope

Alex* packed his bags into his car and drove to visit a friend in a distant city after deciding he needed to leave his hometown behind. “My life had become unmanageable because of addiction issues and grief I was experiencing… it made me emotionally dysregulated and I had no one to lean on and guide me…

Cooking Up Connections in the Quintin Warner House Kitchen

The kitchen at Quintin Warner House is a place of opportunity to not only feed oneself but to connect with others on a deeper level and learn something new. “Cooking and eating with other people is such an important event,” said Monette, Addictions Counsellor at Quintin Warner House. As part of the life skills coaching

Faith Today: A Spiritual Approach to Healing & Recovery at Quintin Warner House

“Hello gentlemen, welcome to Faith Today. My name is Junior, I am a Christian minister in our city and I am facilitating our session today”. So begins a Faith Today session at Quintin Warner House. The Faith Today program is the spiritual component of Quintin Warner House’s recovery program, and we believe that recovery and sobriety are

A Fun & Safe Summer at Rotholme Family Shelter

Summer camp has always been a fun-filled experience for the children at Rotholme Family Shelter and this year was no different, even in the midst of a pandemic. “…it’s run a little bit different this year because of [physical distancing],” explained Katherine, Child Activity Worker at Rotholme (pictured left). Beyond physical distancing, the shelter spaces

Christmas Matching Challenge — Double Your Impact Today!

This Christmas season, hundreds of people experiencing hunger and addiction in London will be more vulnerable than ever. People like Geoff. Geoff was willing to do whatever it took to feed his drug addiction—and that included robbing a drug store. After an empathetic judge gave him a second chance, Geoff came straight to Quintin Warner

Men’s Mission and the Current “Crisis”

The response to COVID-19 prompted a reflection on words and government spending. Words because some are overused and have lost their meaning, and government spending because I have not seen anything like it in my lifetime. The word crisis is defined as “a state of urgent need or grave danger; a decisive or pivotal event”.

Men’s Mission: Cultivating Collaboration and Compassion Amidst Pandemic

“In a pandemic, we’re not switching on the idea that Men’s Mission is an essential service because it was already switched on,” said Gordon Russell, Director of Shelters. “It’s essential because if there is an absence of it, it means that people are on the streets. Without an alternative, people will be without shelter and

Annual Fill Up the Bus Campaign to Set Children up for Success

On Aug. 25, join us between 12 pm and 5 pm in our parking lot at York St. and Rectory St. for our annual Fill Up the Bus event! You can help families and children in need by donating school supplies like backpacks as well as child-size face masks and travel-size hand sanitizer during this