Mission Store – Corporate Social Responsibility

You may be aware that our Mission Store is a finalist in the London Chamber of Commerce Business Achievement Awards, in the category of Corporate Social Responsibility. The award winners will be announced in March. It is an honour to be recognized in this way. While researching Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) I was reminded that

The Sky is the Limit for Work Placements at the Mission Store

Elizabeth joined the Mission Store team in the summer of 2017 on a work placement through Hutton House’s Goals, Preparation, Skills (GPS) program. The GPS program is designed for youth who face barriers to employment including learning, mental health, developmental, or physical disabilities. “There’s a wide range of what could be considered a barrier to

Mission Store Warming Hands and Hearts for 25 Years

In 1995, staff and volunteers at the Mission Store astutely recognized an opportunity to meet a need in the community by providing warm clothing for children whose families may struggle to afford winter basics. They began working with the local school boards to deliver winter gear including hats, mitts, and socks to elementary schools. This

Crucial! Cold Weather is Here

Cold temperatures can be life-threatening to our neighbours experiencing hunger and homelessness in London. With your gift today, they can receive the nourishment and care they need to survive the dangerously cold weather.

Housing First, then Stability – a word from Executive Director, Peter Rozeluk

The Rotholme Family Shelter Housing First program that we know of as PHAF (Prevention of Homelessness Among Families) has three components: Housing Diversion, Housing Selection, and Housing Stability. I am going to focus on Housing Stability. Housing Stability includes the things necessary for families to retain their housing when it is found. Housing Stability is

A First Time Need: James’ Story

“I couldn’t even tell you where me and my daughter would be without this,” James expresses about the Shelter Diversion program offered as a part of the Prevention of Homelessness Among Families (PHAF) program at Rotholme Family Shelter. Having never experienced a crisis in his living situation, James was living a nightmare when he faced

A Busy, Exciting Summer at Rotholme Family Shelter

It’s been a busy summer at Rotholme Family Shelter. Dellah and Sierra, the Child Activity Workers for Rotholme’s Summer Day Camp have been hard at work, planning, implementing and coordinating tons of fun activities, trips, and experiences for the children staying in the emergency shelter over the summer. “They’re really active kids,” Dellah notes, “We

Volunteering Gifts & Talents – Erin Fox

“I’ve always been community oriented – it’s in my blood”, Erin Fox, a former volunteer in the Quintin Warner House (QWH) kitchen, states. While volunteering has always been something Erin has participated in, volunteering at QWH was a particularly meaningful experience. Erin was grateful for the trust QWH staff gave her when it came to

Long Road to Recovery – Paul’s Story

“I spent three birthdays in jail – my 16th, 19th, and 28th,” Paul notes matter-of-factly. He sits back in the couch, ready to once again, share a little piece of himself hoping it’ll help others move toward self-acceptance and healing in their own addiction journey. Early in his life, Paul experienced significant chaos and instability.

Thank you, Dr. Ben

Every other Wednesday, for three years, Dr. Ben Loveday started his day at 8:30am, meeting with Streetscape staff at Community Mental Health Programs (CMHP) and receiving an update on the clients he would see that day. Until noon, Dr. Ben (as he is warmly referred to) met with clients and developed a plan with them