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Be an Active Neighbour

I distinctly remember hearing a prediction throughout my elementary and high school years in the 1960s and 1970s that the world would be different when I grew up. I would live in an idyllic world – specifically, that the daily time we spent on leisure would be significantly greater than the daily time spent on

Community Mental Health Programs (CMHP): Focus on Community

At Community Mental Health Programs (CMHP), a branch of Mission Services of London, the staff can be likened to Brokers. A client comes in looking for help with an issue, the CMHP staff ask what kind of help they are looking for – whether it’s for mental illness or addiction issues (among other things) –

Finding Natalie: A Client Story

Almost four years ago Natalie began her journey to wellness. She had been on her own since she was 15 years old and it had proven to be challenging; she found herself struggling with an addiction which she needed help treating and overcoming. Natalie was put into contact with Sarai, a Streetscape staff member with

Community Vitality Grant Prevents Family Homelessness

On November 7th, the London Community Foundation announced recipients of the 2018 Community Vitality Grants. The excitement and anticipation in the room were palpable and those of us who attended on behalf of Mission Services of London could hardly contain our enthusiasm. We were there to accept a $250,000 Community Vitality Grant in support of

Give meals – change lives in the new year

Every year-end, tax-deductible donation you give by December 31, 2018 will help provide the nourishment, shelter, showers and hope for those who need them most. During the harsh winter months, the cold weather can be dangerous for someone living on the streets. They are living on the edge every day, and your generosity will make

Fall 2018 Curb Notes – Issue 34

We are pleased to feature Men’s Mission in this issue of Curb Notes. A big thank you goes out to each of you that helped us to Fill Up the Bus on August 21st! There were 125 backpacks, 75 lunch bags, and over 1500 additional school items collected to send to the children at Rotholme

Be the Good Samaritan

One of my favourite stories is known as the Parable of the Good Samaritan.  For those unfamiliar with this tale, it is meant to answer the question, “who is my neighbour?” Or perhaps the more accurate question, “am I being a neighbour?” Basically, the story is about an individual who gets beaten up while travelling

Economics of Homelessness Only a Piece of the Puzzle

A large part of the conversation around homelessness is how much homelessness costs taxpayers in monetary terms. It is fair to say that there are economics involved in funding resources for those experiencing homelessness so they remain supported in their journey towards more stable housing. However, the financial aspect is only a piece of what