What’s Peter Thinking?

Sunshine Laws and Entertainment

Several London Free Press articles caught my attention on Saturday March 30. The first was “MPs take the money and run” about the 1.6% increase in MPs salaries. MPs will now have a base salary of $160,000. The second was “Top earners get even more” about the provincial sunshine list disclosing how many government workers

Government Responsibility for the Vulnerable

The following statement was made in the March 30th editorial in the London Free Press – “As a community, we’ve agreed our taxes will pay for health care, for education, and for a social safety net should we need one.” Many times statements need clarification, because it is not always apparent what is meant.  For

What Makes A Great City?

The April 2013 issue of Moneysense magazine contains its well-known annual ranking of the best places to live in Canada.  Quality of life is measured in 200 cities across the country. This year, London finished 4th in the Top Ten large cities in Canada category, behind Calgary, Ottawa and Edmonton, and ahead of Winnipeg.  Fourth

An Easter Message from Executive Director

Christ Is Risen! There is a gospel story that describes two travelers on their way from Jerusalem to another town called Emmaus. They are discussing the events that just occurred in Jerusalem, namely the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and trying to make sense of it all, and trying to understand what it all meant.  The

Still More on Budget Choices

Collectively we chose to cut Social & Health Services so that we could increase budgets in other areas. How much did we actually choose to cut? Information through community forums clearly told Londoners that the province is reducing its funding to the city in this area by $3,000,000 (rounded). In addition, we chose to reduce

More on Budget Choices

What choices did we collectively, through city council make in the 2013 City of London budget? There are 9 general programs that City of London property taxes support:      Culture;Economic ProsperityEnvironmental ServicesParks Recreation & Neighbourhood ServicesPlanning & Development ServicesProtective ServicesSocial & Health ServicesTransportation Services Corporate Operational & Council Services  In the drive towards a

Choices, Choices, and More Choices

  The 2013 City of London budget process clearly showed that there are difficult choices that all of us must make.  And with all choices, there are implications.  I had a very uneasy feeling though,  that the impact of the implications weren’t really thought through. This is not to say that the choices in and

Christmas Gifts

Just a few days until Christmas, and some of us are struggling with a question – what do you get someone who has everything?  For Christians, Christmas is a celebration of God’s gift to us.  But what if we had a chance to give God a gift? I think you do have that chance, we


Less than four weeks before Christmas, so it must be Advent! Advent means coming, and specifically for Christians it is Christ’s coming to earth. And as I was reflecting on this I had the following thought. God our creator exhibiting compassion and coming to us in the form of Jesus Christ. If ever there was

What am I thinking lately?  As I read the newspapers about the provincial government’s response to a variety of issues, I’m thinking that there appears to be a lot of knee jerk reaction without very much thought about the implications and long term consequences. I’m thinking that political rhetoric is obfuscating the issues. I’m thinking