What’s Peter Thinking?

Looking Back, Looking Forward

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the 50th anniversary of Valleyview Mennonite Church here in London. What was special about the celebration, aside from the fact that it was celebrating 50 years of service, was that Valleyview was started by the same group of people, by the same church, that

Resurrection and Renewel

Last Friday, I attended the re-dedication of our eagle at Quintin Warner House.  Our eagle was initially carved in 2005 by local chainsaw artist Robbin Wenzoski and from the very quick research I did on eagles, it appears to be an appropriate symbol for the Quintin Warner House program. In Christian art, the eagle is


the only emergency shelter for children and their families


I have this perhaps unrealistic assumption that the content of newspaper articles should relate to the headlines above them.  Apparently not.  A headline for a Macleans article contained the phrase: why garlic makes everything better. Sadly, the two page article didn’t mention garlic until the last paragraph, and then did not address the subject introduced


Valentine’s Day may be a good day to talk about commitment, then again, maybe not. About a year and a half ago, I received a copy of the London Community Housing Strategy, dated June 2010.  It was a rather large document, and one that I was totally unfamiliar with, having just started here at Mission


Diligence The fourth and final week of Advent!  One week left until Christmas 2011. How time flies!  Throughout Advent many churches focus on different aspects of our relationship with God.  For the last three weeks I’ve used this Advent tradition to focus on some words that characterize the relationships that we have here at Mission


Integrity During this Advent season, the focus in my blog has been on words that we use here at Mission Services of London to remember our history, our faith, our reason for being.  Words to contemplate and to celebrate.  In the first two weeks, the focus was on Compassion and Hope.  This week I put


Hope If the focus of last week’s blog was on the word compassion, hope was there right along with it.  An article in last week’s London Free Press about the jobless rate in London, also referred to how fluid hope and despair were; how much hope and despair factored into unemployment figures of all things;


Christmas is just around the corner, with retailers hoping for a successful month after “Black Friday”, shoppers hoping to find good deals, children hoping to get that special present.  A month filled with hope.  In Christendom, with Christmas just around the corner, it is a time to celebrate the season of Advent. Advent means coming,

Always with Grace, There is Always an Open Door

We live in a world where everyone seems to expect and require instant results.  We want solutions; and we want them now.  We want to measure improvement; and we want to measure success.  we look for ways to justify the existence of programs and to justify expenditures, all within a predetermined time frame.  We want measurement