Our Mission Store is in Desperate Need of Volunteers!

If you are willing to donate your time to Mission Services of London, we could really use your help in our Mission Store.

We are currently looking for Cashiers, Fitting Room Attendants, and Sorters to work four-hour volunteer shifts per week.

The Mission Store survives off volunteer support, and the impact of our Mission Store volunteers on our clients is profound. As a Mission Store volunteer, you’re helping to provide our clients with the items they need to stay warm in the winter or to furnish their homes. You’re also providing each client and shopper with social interaction. It’s very common for our vulnerable neighbours to experience loneliness and isolation. The social engagement you provide when checking out their items or helping them access a fitting room is deeply meaningful. It can truly be the best part of their day.

If you’re interested in volunteering with the Mission Store, please email volunteer@missionservices.ca

Mission Store is located at 797 York Street, London, Ontario. You can learn more about our Mission Store by visiting www.missionstore.ca

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