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Loyal Customer and friend of Mission Store

Anna, Loyal Customer and Friend of Mission Store

MISSION STORE is unique. Not only does it have the most economical prices of any other thrift store in London, but the money received from the sales of high quality, donated items goes directly into Mission Services of London for client programs and needs.

Mission Store has a multitude of new items daily and, as a result, it has gained many loyal, regular customers; Anna is one of those faithful customers. Her journey begins about 30 years ago when she first came to Canada with her young family.

Anna began shopping at Mission Store when it was still just a small location on William Street. She remembers that quality, and good prices, were always most important to her as someone who was trying to build a life. But now, after many years, after getting a job, raising her children, and seeing her grandchildren grow up, she remains a fixture at Mission Store.

“It’s fantastic. It’s the best store. There are unique items – and great quality too!” Anna praises her experience at the store noting, “The staff are nice, friendly, and always patient.” And now members of her family visit Mission Store as well.

With the bigger space at Mission Store’s new location at 797 York Street, Anna loves the space and how big the store is. “There’s so much to choose from. There are so many different kinds of things, there’s so much colour, and it’s so clean.” All of those elements are what keep Anna coming back for more.

Mission Store has a rich history in London and is proud to continue to grow with the friendly faces that have been there since the beginning. Mission Store welcomes all and is accommodating to those with tight budgets by having affordable prices,regular sales, and the Emergency Voucher Program, which provides items at no cost to those most in need.

Mission Store is always happy to see Anna as she continues to buy quality items for her family here and back home. “I sometimes come with my daughter-in-law, or my daughter. But overall, I just like to come here for some time for me.”

by Rachel Ganzewinkel, Communications & PR Coordinator

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