Resilience Above All

Photo of Mission Services of London's Executive Director, Peter Rozeluk

Executive Director, Peter Rozeluk

I have wondered about various strands of information I have heard recently: community support and opposition to supervised consumption sites; funding announcements and withdrawals; opioid crisis, to name a few.

Collectively, the information suggests that we have a problem – NOT “they” have a problem, NOT London has a problem, but WE have a problem.

As you read in this newsletter, difficult decisions were made regarding the delivery of addiction treatment programs at Quintin Warner House (QWH). The changes were in response to a decade of government funding providing only 50% of the cost of delivering the programs.

ConnexOntario maintains a centralized, up to date, and accurate database of drug, alcohol and other treatment service information. That database reports only eight live-in addiction treatment programs in the Province of Ontario, with a duration greater than 120 days; QWH is one of those eight. A review of each program’s contract reveals that QWH receives government funding that is less than half of the provincial average for the other seven programs. This is our reality.

Couple the various strands of information with our reality, and uncertainty is high. BUT this is not new. This is how charities and non-profits begin, amidst uncertainty. They begin because there is a need that is otherwise not being met and they find a way. This is how QWH began.

Despite the uncertainty, what is certain is that QWH has been innovative for over 50+ years. Our staff is compassionate, knowledgeable and dedicated. We will continue to connect and walk alongside our neighbours.

You know the maxims. Necessity is the mother of invention. Great uncertainty is great opportunity. You need lemons to make great lemonade. This is how QWH continues. We/you/us – we have an opportunity.

Mission Services of London – Quintin Warner House. Loving God and loving others, embracing opportunity together.

Written by Peter Rozeluk, Executive Director

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