Seeking Help and Finding Hope at Men’s Mission

“I spent a night on a park bench and when I woke up, I was like ‘Wow, so this is rock bottom’”. Joseph had been using drugs for 20 years before he spent that night in a London park. “Every last dime I had was going to the drugs,” he said.

In need of safe shelter, Joseph turned to Men’s Mission. “Walking through the front doors, there was some shame, and everything that goes along with that. But to be quite honest, after the first couple of nights, I can’t believe how much help is available to a homeless man. You get laundry. You get a locker. I am freshly shaved. I bathe… I look healthy is what I’m saying… I am interview ready”.

Joseph is particularly grateful for the support he has received from Caseworkers at Men’s Mission. “Mary and Linda have steered me in the right direction. I probably wouldn’t have done addiction services [without their help], but now I am with addiction services and there’s counselling going on. They also have me on three different housing lists and I am hopeful that I’ll have housing before the summer is out.”

With a background in sales finance, Joseph is hoping to re-enter the workforce and is actively seeking new employment. Currently, he is taking part in a work program in the kitchen at Men’s Mission. “Having to get up and have a responsibility has been a godsend. There’s a little more bounce in my stride. I’m looking forward instead of just looking at the situation I’m in. It’s positive,” he shared.

After seeking help and finding hope at Men’s Mission, Joseph wants everyone in the London community to know about the support available to others in need. “If you’re worried about where your next meal is coming from, this place is a godsend. There’s not a lot of [metaphorical] bruises left on me”.

Written by Amy Bumbacco, Communications & PR Coordinator

To protect his privacy, Joseph's real name and image have been disguised at his request.
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