2021 Online Silent Auction

One of the highlights of our annual Hope Banquet is the Silent Auction. As the event goes online this year, so too will our auction!

And new this year: the silent auction is open to everyone. That’s right! You will be able to bid on the auction items online, even if you are unable to join the Hope Banquet virtual event. Please note: only the online silent auction portal is accessible broadly. To gain access to the full Hope Banquet virtual experience, including the live music, the online networking rooms, the special keynote speaker, videos and the curbside pick-up dinner, please purchase your Hope Banquet ticket here.

The virtual silent auction portal allows shoppers the opportunity to browse and place bids on a range of items – a perfect way to start your holiday shopping early from the comfort of your own home.

This year, our items have been divided into 2 lots to provide even more chances to win! Each lot of items will be posted for 2 weeks each, starting October 25th.

Lot 1: October 25 – November 9
Lot 2: November 9 – November 25

Funds raised through this year’s Online Auction will provide clothing and household items to neighbours in need through the Emergency Voucher Program and Warm Hands – Warm Hearts Outreach Program at the Mission Store.

Go on and check out the silent auction Lot 2 page now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to bid in the online silent auction. How do I do that?

While you can view the auction items in Lot 1 of our online silent auction already (click here [link word “here” to the auction page]), please note that bidding will not begin until 12:00 AM on October 25th. You will need to create an account on Trellis, the online auction platform, in order to place a bid in the silent auction. To do so, follow the step-by-step instructions here:

How to create a Trellis Account

2. I participated in the online silent auction last year. Can I log into the 2021 Trellis auction site with the same username and password?

Yes, you certainly can log in with your existing Trellis user name and password. Forgot your password? No problem. There is a way to reset it by following the online prompts once you are on the Trellis log-in screen.

3. Do I need a credit card in order to bid?

When you first create your Trellis bidder profile, the system will ask you to provide your credit card information. If you win items at auction close, you will have the opportunity to check-out quickly, securely and with convenience by charging the items to the credit card on file.

4. Bidding on Lot 2 ends on November 25th at 8:00 PM. I will be attending the full Hope Banquet virtual experience but I don’t want to miss out on placing my bids while I’m attending the event. Can I bid while I’m also viewing the Hope Banquet livestream?

You can certainly continue to bid while you are also enjoying the full Hope Banquet virtual experience. The Hope Banquet’s virtual programming will unfold on the Chime platform. You can keep that open on one tab in your Internet browser, while opening the Trellis auction site on a separate tab in your browser (or a separate window or even another device if you prefer). Just be careful not to close down the Chime window as you toggle from the Hope Banquet livestream to the auction site, since that will disconnect you from the live audio and visual programming. You will be able to simply minimize the Chime window in order to see the auction page and vice versa, to stay connected to both sites

5. I did not win an item during the Lot 1 or 2 auctions but I would like to make a donation either way. Can I make an online donation and receive a tax receipt?

You can certainly make a donation to Mission Services of London. You can either donate by clicking the “Donate” button in the Trellis site and check out via the Trellis auction system.

If you would like more immediate access to your donation tax receipt, you can donate online and receive a digital tax receipt right away by going to the Mission Services of London website: missionservices.ca/give-online/ or click on the button below. Be sure to select the “Hope Banquet” option from the Fund drop down menu.

Give Online

6. In the past, the silent auction has been open only to those who purchase a ticket to the full Hope Banquet experience. Why have you made the auction component available broadly this year?

In the past, some folks have expressed regret at not being able to place bids in the auction because they were not able to attend the Banquet itself due to scheduling conflicts. The fact that the silent auction has gone virtual with an online portal, allows much more flexibility and enables us to make the auction open broadly. Having said that, only the auction portal portion of the Hope Banquet is broadly available. A ticket is still required to participate in the other aspects of the event, including the keynote speech by Liz Murray, the live music, the videos, dinner options and more. To purchase your ticket, please visit mslhopebanquet.eventbrite.ca. Group rates are available.

7.How do I pick up the item(s) that I won in the online silent auction?

We will contact each winning bidder to schedule a pick-up date/time at the Administration Office (4-797 York St.). Proof of credit card payment may be required when you pick up your items.

8. I first learned about the silent auction and then found out that it is connected to your Hope Banquet. Can you tell me more about the full Banquet virtual experience?

Absolutely! For more information on the full Hope Banquet experience, visit our website.

Thank You to our 2021 Auction Sponsor:

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