Small but mighty, little ones make a huge impact for others

For most children around the city, Friday, June 3 marked a PA Day – a day without school and a day for fun. But for a group of children attending a day camp at Siloam United Church, this day was not only fun, it was one in which they learned about the “Good Samaritan”, listened to a speaker from Mission Services of London, gained understanding of what our programs were and what it meant to be homeless, and in the end made personalized custom blankets for children at Rotholme Women’s & Family Shelter. Plus, they all donated new socks and underwear for other kids their size.

It was a special day for these children and their efforts were truly appreciated. Their gifts were delivered to the shelter, and the children who received them, were all smiles. So yes, small but mighty, certainly can make a difference for in the life of others who may be struggling with homelessness and poverty in our community. Thank you!

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