What’s Peter Thinking About? Smartphone Apps

A previous blog referred to the April 2013 issue of Moneysense  magazine and the ranking of Canadian cities.  That same issue considered 5 smartphones.  Advertising for most smartphones focuses on the apps that are available, the more the better!

Higher ranked smartphones offer more apps. In fact, they offer close to 700,000 apps.  I am sure that many are very useful, I use some myself, but 700,000?  Is there anyone that uses all of them?

700,000 apps means that if you used one, only one, new app each and every day, it would take you 1,917 years to use them all.  Using 10 new apps a day would take you 192 years, and using 100 different apps each and every day, it would take you 19 years to use them all.


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