Special Acknowledgements

Wes Suchard:

Wes Suchard and other participants of the musical program at London Rescue Mission (later Mission Services of London)

Mission Services of London would like to recognize Wes Suchard for his seven decades of service to Mission Services of London. Wes has been volunteering in a variety of capacities from being an integral part of the 1988 and 2002-2003 capital campaigns to expand/renovate Men’s Mission to founding the Mission Services of London Foundation Board.

He is now stepping down from his role with the Foundation Board. Thank you, Wes for your incredible legacy of a servant’s heart. May God bless you for all you have given and invested in Mission Services of London. May we continue to build on the foundation you have helped to lay. We look forward to the harvest to come.

Erma Kropf:

Erma Kropf was a young Mennonite woman from the Tavistock area when she became the first

Erma Kropf
Source: From Golden Grain Grows a Mission, Roger Smith

employee to join the Mission Services (then Goodwill Rescue Mission) family. Erma first shared the responsibility with Alvin and Madeline, the founders of Goodwill Rescue Mission, in cooking and cleaning, then later became involved in establishing the Sunday School and family evangelism. Erma was a pioneer and heroine in the development and growth of the Mission, and it’s with great sympathy and tribute that we acknowledge her passing on July 3, 2023. We thank Erma for her contribution to Mission Services of London, and for all the families and individuals she helped throughout her meaningful life.

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