Spotlight on CMHP

It’s easy to think of Community Mental Health Program (CMHP) as but one branch of Mission Services of London and forget that CMHP itself comprises several related, yet very distinct, programs. In addition to the Crashbed Program referred to elsewhere in this newsletter, CMHP provides: Transitional Case Management for individuals leaving London hospitals, who also need support and assistance while coping with mental health issues; Streetscape outreach services that seek individuals in need of assistance whether on the streets, at the housing tribunal or using emergency shelters and other agencies; a friendly and safe “place to be” at our Resource Centre drop in.

All of our CMHP services are aimed at developing relationships and helping individuals find and access the many wonderful “safety nets” that are available. But sometimes those “nets” are just as much, or more, a source of frustration and entanglement as they are of safety and succor. Most of us have probably been perplexed at times at how difficult it can be for us to speak to the right person or to get the right answer – and that is assuming of course that we are even aware of the right question(s) to ask.

There is quite frankly, a sense of pride when I think about the breadth of services we ourselves provide; the effort our staff make in asking the right questions; and the high level of collaboration, participation and partnership with many, many other agencies that is essential in making social “safety nets” of health, housing, education and justice work.

Community Mental Health Programs, loving God, loving others, nurturing and developing relationships.

by Peter Rozeluk, Executive Director

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