Spring 2023 Curb Notes Issue 51 – Quintin Warner House

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Handing Change with Hope & Faith

Rita Lepore, Quintin Warner House

“There was a time when I hit rock bottom. There was so much uncertainty in my life and it turned upside down – I lost my marriage, business, my house, and everything was falling apart. I was couch-surfing, and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen and I just wanted to run away,” Phil said as he started sharing his addiction story…Read more



Ten Things to Know about Ericka

In October 2022, Ericka Ayala Ronson assumed the role of Executive Director at Mission Services of London. Working previously as Director for Development and Communications, she hopes to create meaningful impact leading the organization and expand its reach in helping our neighbours in the community..Read more


Quintin Warner House – A New Chapter

As the weather turns to spring, a season of new beginnings, Quintin Warner House (QWH) turns the page to a new chapter in its history. With a long tradition of service at the intersection of health and homelessness (via addiction treatment for men), QWH continues to position itself to meet need at the point of need. It is completing an expansion of treatment beds and a move to renovated space on York Street..Read more

Thank You, Lewkowitz Financial!

We thank Lewkowitz Financial for being our Lead sponsor for Coldest Night of the Year.

Wealth creation and preservation are achieved through a disciplined approach to investing, a keen understanding of how to navigate complex tax strategies, and solid estate protection methods.  With 30 years of experience, Robert Lewkowitz is a highly respected veteran of the industry in London.  He, and the long standing, dedicated team at Lewkowitz Financial Inc. provides truly personalized service to assist, educate, and guide their clients in achieving their retirement, tax, and estate planning goals. Lewkowitz Financial is proud to sponsor this event and walk along-side those most in need in our community.

Visit: http://www.lewkowitzfinancial.com/ or call: 519-432-2361.

National Volunteer Appreciation Week

On April 16-22, we celebrate National Volunteer Appreciation Week to highlight
our hardworking volunteers who continue to make an impact to our neighbours who
need support with basic necessities such as emergency shelter, warm meals,
clothing, addiction treatment, among others. Our volunteers
are very vital in delivering these services across different programs of
Mission Services of London. This year, the theme is “Volunteering Weaves Us
Together,” which “reveals the importance of volunteering to the strength and
vibrancy of our communities through the interconnected actions we take to support
one another.” (Volunteer Canada, 2023). Join the celebration as we feature some
of our volunteers by following Mission Services of London on Facebook, Twitter
and LinkedIn!

Please contact our Volunteer Relations Coordinator for Volunteering opportunities
at volunteer@missionservices.ca or 519-433-2807 ext. 2125.

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