Sydney and Chase Brown’s Stay at Rotholme Family Shelter

Chase (L), Sydney (R), with their mother, Raechel Brown Source: ESPN, Courtesy of Raechal Brown

Mission Services of London had the pleasure of being part of Sydney and Chase Brown’s documentary produced by The Sports Network (TSN). Their mother, Raechel Brown, visited Rotholme Family Shelter and recounted the challenges she and her family faced while providing for her family.

Sydney and Chase were born two minutes apart on March 21, 2000. The identical twins did everything together, including their love for football. Despite the struggles their family faced, Raechel did everything she could to help them pursue their dreams.

The twins had to move to Florida on their own to make this happen – which was heartbreaking to Raechel because she would be miles apart from them. However, Raechel knew this was a great opportunity for her sons. The twins admitted they were initially homesick, but eventually settled in and got to work on their dreams of playing in the NFL.

Huge congratulations to Sydney for being drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles, while
Chase was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals. Your Mission Services of London family
is rooting for you!

Watch the Staring Back documentary at The Sports Network:

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