Taking Steps Together – Our Staff

Reading about the staff’s experiences at Mission Services of London, across all the branches, there are several words that stand out to me:

Family. Teamwork. Caring.

It heartens me to hear these words included in our staff’s stories. It’s important for people to feel cared for when they’re at work, especially when caring for others in our community. When putting together a team, the hope is they will form connections and find support from each other. Ideally the goal is that the warmth felt among staff within the walls of all our branches, extends to how we care for our neighbours through our various services.

Marc Fraser, Director of Human Resources, describes the common thread and shared quality that he looks for when hiring new staff members as follows:

“We look for team players who can see the greater need out there and are willing to do whatever they are capable of doing to try to solve that need. People with a passion for helping others – people who believe they can help someone one step at a time, whether large or small.”

The quality that resonates with me is the belief in the importance of the small steps. When an individual or a family is struggling with poverty or addiction, hunger or homelessness, small steps can feel insurmountable. Having staff who understand the importance of those small steps, who will walk with their neighbours in those moments is fundamental to the work being done at Mission Services of London every single day.

That’s not to say the path is always direct nor in a forward direction. One challenge of our work is supporting our neighbours who step in different directions, purposefully or unwittingly. At times this can bring sadness and disappointment that accompany the rewards. Sadness because we care about the individuals and families with whom we connect. Disappointment because ideal goals are sometimes not achieved.

The one word that brings together the feelings and emotions expressed above – is hope! Mission Services of London is blessed with staff who come from all walks of life and bring a range of life experiences to our work. Seeing how we can all work together towards a common goal of helping those in need, leaning on each other, learning from each other, living with each other through a full range of emotions – is there anything more hopeful?

Spring is an inherently hopeful time. Snow melts and nature brings new life. Hope permeates the Easter season. I feel a tremendous gratitude for our staff who walk step by step with the vulnerable and marginalized, those who through their work express our Christian values and mission. Thank you for taking the steps, both large and small, forward, backwards and sideways, with our neighbours and with each other. Thank you for expressing and promoting hope!

Mission Services of London staff, loving God, loving others – hopeful.

Photo of Mission Services of London's Executive Director, Peter RozelukWritten by Peter Rozeluk, Executive Director

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