Temporary Fund Bridges Gap For London’s Homeless

The elimination of the Community Start Up and Maintenance Benefit (CSUMB) led a London committee to approve temporary funding while the city works out the details of a new plan that will deal with those struggling with homelessness in London.

The Community and Protective Services Committee unanimously supported a plan to allocate $750,000 to create the Housing First Temporary Support Fund.  This fund, under the Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative (CHPI) will provide funding for those dealing with homelessness in London while the city determines the best course of action for the new amalgamated funds.

Months ago, the province announced the consolidation of five programs which fall under the CHPI in addition to the elimination of CSUMB.

During the committee meeting on Monday, December 17th, Lynne Livingstone, managing director of neighbourhood, children and fire services said that under this new plan, the city will receive $7.9 million a year, a 27% decrease from the 10.9 million the city received under CSUMB.  The city is working closely with several organizations in the area to determine the best course of action for these funds.  In the meantime, a $750,000 in transition financing is in place.

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