The Legacy of Rev. Wilfred Schlegel, One of Mission Services of London’s Co-Founders, Continues to Make an Impact on the Organization Today

In the book “From Golden Grain Grows a Mission”–an account of the vision and birth of Mission Services of London, Wilfred Schlegel is described as “a strong, gentle man who projected integrity.” In his daily deeds, Wilfred was motivated to serve others through his love for Jesus Christ. As a result, he transformed “ideas and dreams into tangible realities.”

The Schlegel family continues to serve others through the work of RBJ Schlegel Holdings Inc. which offers mental health and addiction services and research, senior residences, agribusiness, and urban development. This family business carries on Wilfred’s legacy by building community through philanthropic giving and other impactful undertakings.

We are extremely grateful to RBJ Schlegel Holdings Inc. who have pledged a gift of $45,000 for aftercare programs at Quintin Warner House (QWH) including the Annex program which provides transitional housing for graduates. Additionally, they have given $5,000 to the Mission Services of London COVID-19 Response Fund to help keep staff, clients, and volunteers safe through this challenging time.

Alvin Roth once described Wilfred Schlegel as “a dreamer, a planner, organizer, and enabler”. His descendants follow in his footsteps by enabling the work of QWH so that men who are working to overcome addiction, and to maintain sobriety, can achieve a future of hope, health, and wellbeing.

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