Winter 2018 Curb Notes – Issue 31

We are pleased to feature the Community Mental Health Programs (CMHP) branch in this issue of Curb Notes.

Their programs include Streetscape for outreach assistance, Transitional Case Management, the Crashbed Program overnight crisis beds, and the Resource Centre drop-in day space.

Title slide - The Last Resort Video

Watch this insightful video about the Crashbed Program within the Community Mental Health Programs branch of Mission Services of London.

The Last Resort

Crashbed Program at CMHP

High Priority Client Needs at CMHP

Please contact CMHP if you would like to help with current client needs (see list below). Please ask for Karen or Doug.


  • Coffee, powdered creamer, sugar
  • Packaged food such as granola bars, individual portioned fruit cups or pudding, hot chocolate or soup packets, microwavable soup or pasta
  • Undergarments for men and women
  • Women’s hygiene products
  • Pocket and feet heat packets
  • LTC bus tickets
  • Art supplies
  • Gift cards or vouchers for food
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