Community Mental Health Programs


Community Mental Health Programs (CHMP) offers various support services to assist the needs of the homeless, those “at risk” of becoming homeless, as well as those experiencing mental health and addiction issues. We promote rehabilitative, harm reduction and recovery-based models of service to provide opportunities for clients to attain their self-identified goals.

Transitional Case Managers

  • Supportive team of four providing transitional assistance and support to those who are leaving hospital and coping with mental illness.
  • Case managers maintain ongoing contact with clients after hospital discharge for up to nine weeks.



  • Dedicated team of five who provide outreach services by seeking individuals who are in need of social assistance.
  • Offers support including court diversion program, housing advocacy, assistance with income services, and more.
  • Helps clients navigate and access other social services and food services agencies and community resources.

Crash Bed Program


  • Operates from 9:00pm to 7:00am daily including weekends.
  • Available to both men and women that either cannot or will not access regular shelter beds, but is an alternative to sleeping on the street.
  • Has 10 gender segregated beds for women, and 11 beds for men with separate entrances for each side; women’s entrance upper front and men’s upper back of the building at 457 York Street.
  • Rooms are individual and there is access to shower facilities and nourishment.

The Resource Centre

(entrance located at the back of the building at 457 York Street)

  • Operates from 8:30am-11:30am and 12:30pm-3:00pm five days a week (Monday to Friday)
  • A friendly drop-in safe space for men and women.
  • A multipurpose room offering coffee, water, free laundry, hair cuts on certain days and hair cut vouchers.
  • Access to a telephone and computer as well as vocational, social, leisure, and educational programing. Casual art programming happens most Wednesday afternoons.
  • Access to individual function assessments, addiction assessments, and referral to treatment centres and other services.

Mission Services of London receives funding support for CMHP from the Southwest LHIN (Local Health Integration Network), City of London and through community donations.

A copy of the LHIN M-SAA agreement and supporting documents are available to read at this branch site, or download: MSAA_2014_17_Mission_Services
Compliance Document: LHIN Compliance Mar 31, 2015