Quintin Warner House

457 York St
London, Ontario

T: 519-434-8041
F: 519-434-1669

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About Quintin Warner House

This branch of Mission Services of London is a 20-bed addiction treatment centre providing a four-month live-in program for males 18 years of age and older. It’s a safe and secure place where men can work to overcome addictions and address issues such as anger and trauma histories.

“If it wasn’t for Quintin Warner House, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Our Goal

Our goal is to restore confidence and self-sufficiency to lives that have been damaged by addictions. These objectives occur in an environment of spirituality, support and intensive group therapy. It is named after Canon Quintin Warner, an Anglican clergy who brought one of the first Alcoholic Anonymous programs to Canada.

Our Program

Our program includes intensive group therapy. Other aspects of healthy living are promoted in sessions that deal with assertiveness, life skills, goal setting, spiritual awareness, and recreational activity.

In order to make a successful transition back into the community following the four-month live-in program, clients may stay for up to one year, if necessary, in one of the Quintin Warner annexes. During that time, clients may be referred to community resources for furthering education, career identification, and community integration.

In this video, Charlie, Greg, and John share their experiences with the Annex Program and overcoming addiction with the help of Quintin Warner House.

Mission Services of London receives funding support for this program from Ontario Health (West), along with community donations support. The views expressed on this site, and any print or other published materials, do not necessarily reflect those of our funders.

A copy of the LHIN M-SAA agreement and supporting documents are available to read at this branch site, or download: Signed Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement
Compliance Document: Ontario Health (West) Declaration of Compliance

More Information

For more information on the alumni programs please see the Referral Information below and contact the Director of Community Mental Health and Addiction Programs at: lmisselbrook@missionservices.ca