Outreach & Intervention: A Wide Range of Mental Health Support

Community Mental Health Programs (CMHP) is a team within Mission Services of London. CMHP offers services to those experiencing concerns related to homelessness (or are at risk of homelessness), mental illness, and/or substance addiction. CMHP provides support through the following programs: Streetscape: Streetscape provides crisis intervention to participants who may be experiencing, or are at

Celebrating Joey & Thank You Volunteers

Joey began volunteering at the Mission Store eight years ago. He helps organize the store and tidy up misplaced items, allowing for the cashiers and fitting room staff to focus on helping shoppers. Volunteering every week, Joey absolutely loves what he does. “He loves telling people that he volunteers there,” says Joey’s mother, Marie. “He’s

Paola’s Story: The Power of Giving Back

Paola’s Story: Paola, now a Case Worker at Mission Services of London’s Men’s Mission, came to Canada in May of 2011. Leaving her home in Venezuela, Paola came to London with her husband and two sons, only six and three years old at the time. They planned to stay at Mission Services of London’s emergency

Christmas, The Birth of Hope!, by Kola-Poems

He looked was homeless in a weathered stall, Moving from villages to villages. He seemed was hapless in his celestial scroll, Roving rugged hills and mountains.   He looked at the night’s twinkling stars, Sometimes under the falling snow crystals. A few steps away in the arid drawn to closer, To the lofty dreams and

Justin’s Story: Men’s Mission and Quintin Warner House

“When I was 21, I got hurt at work and was in a car accident. That’s really when my addiction started and became out of control. In one year, I went from having a job making $30 an hour, to being homeless. The first time I went to the Men’s Mission was in 2003. I

October, by Kola-Poems

It sneaked in the smallest breeze, The day’s broken in keener October smiles. It could rain and sun in its wheeze. Roads are strewn in brown and golden leaves. Standing alone on Blackfriars Bridge, In deep reflection as a soul discovery. This is a month of harvest and beauty, Some days in myths and tapestry

Providers of Shelter’s 2023 Thanksgiving Dinner

Mission Services of London is deeply grateful to Dillon Consulting and the Rotary Club of South London for providing residents at our Men’s Mission, Rotholme Family Shelter, and Quintin Warner House sites with Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks to the two donors, the residents were able to enjoy a festive, hearty turkey dinner, with pumpkin pie for

The Emergency Voucher Program

Mission Services of London has operated the Emergency Voucher Program in the London and area community for more than 55 years. The program is intended as an emergency service for those in need of a basic set of clothing, outerwear in the cold, and small household items. Individuals who are unsheltered or living in an

Elisha’s Story: A Mission Store Champion

Elisha Mugabo left Kenya and arrived in London, Ontario with his parents and seven siblings on July 9, 2019. Entering Canada through a refugee settlement program, Elisha and his family left behind their home, belongings, and a familiar way of life. As part of their transition into making Canada feel like home, Elisha and his

Jay’s Story: A Quintin Warner House Champion

Jay is a Cook’s Helper at Mission Services of London’s Quintin Warner House site. Employed at Quintin Warner House since 2022, Jay is a former participant and graduate of Quintin Warner House’s four-month, live-in addiction treatment program. Mission Services of London is so proud to share his story: “I started working at Quintin Warner House