October, by Kola-Poems

It sneaked in the smallest breeze,
The day’s broken in keener October smiles.
It could rain and sun in its wheeze.
Roads are strewn in brown and golden leaves.

Standing alone on Blackfriars Bridge,
In deep reflection as a soul discovery.
This is a month of harvest and beauty,
Some days in myths and tapestry tales.

Sunshine and rainbow, archery arrow,
Through the eye of Horus, bent and squashed.
Thanksgiving Day is a jewel in the row,
From the seat of the soul comes my gratitude.

You are welcome, long-awaited October,
Robbins and blue jays perking on apple trees.
The days of high sun are obviously numbered,
We all wait, please unravel your mysteries.

– Kola-Poems, October 1, 2023

Kola-Poems is a resident of Men’s Mission. You can support his
poetry by contacting him at kolapoems@gmail.com

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