Scan Away Hunger 2023’s Top Cashier

$5,000 Raised by Karen from Compass Foods

Karen, Compass Foods (L); Sionainn Pryce-Hynes, Development Officer – Events & Gifts-in-Kind, Mission Services of London (R)

Scan Away Hunger is Mission Services of London’s annual campaign to fundraise to help offset meal costs at our sites. Across Men’s Mission, Rotholme Family Shelter, and Quintin Warner House, Mission Services of London serves approximately 500 meals per day, or 200,000 meals per year. Shoppers at participating stores are able to add $3.99 (or multiples thereof) to their bill at the cash register.

Karen, a cashier at Compass Foods, had the personal goal of raising $2,000 amongst all the customers who came through her check out. She was shocked when she hit her goal and there were still a few weeks left until the fundraising campaign concluded (December 31, 2023).
Once she hit $2,000, Karen adjusted her goal to $3,000… then $4,000… and finally, $5,000.

Thank you so incredibly much to Karen for her faithful commitment to helping provide meals for vulnerable men, women, and children at Mission Services of London.

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